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System Certification

The company has always complied with environmental laws and regulations. While fully considering the impact of our production and business activities on the environment, the company has determined the factors that may have a significant impact on the environment on its business activities and implements operational control measures to reduce its environmental footprint and support the country's sustainable development and environmental protection work. Through technological transformation, waste recycling, and strengthening of environmental management, the company has realized green production and green development methods, met the requirements of the ISO14001 environmental management standard, and has been certified by the ISO14001 environmental management system certification.

Development Objectives

The company is committed to low-impact economic development and clean development. To establish a production method that saves resources and protects the environment, the company  continuously  improves resource utilization efficiency, reduces waste generation and emissions, makes positive contributions to national economic construction, social progress, and the establishment of a harmonious society, and strives to be a resource-efficient and environmentally-friendly enterprise.

The company implements its environmental protection work as a key task, actively responds to the risks and challenges of environmental protection in production management, strives to reduce the impact of its production activities on the environment, and encourages all staff to participate in environmental management and control measure, and thereby realize the coordinated attainment of both production management and environmental protection.