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System Certification

The company has always consciously complied with environmental laws and regulations, and considered the impact of production and management activities on the environment. It has determined the factors that will have a significant impact on the environment and implemented operational control measures to reduce the environmental load and support the sustainable development of the country. And environmental protection work. Through technological transformation, energy conservation, recycling of waste, and strengthening of environmental management to achieve green production and green development, it has met the requirements of the ISO14000 environmental management standard and passed the ISO14000 environmental management system certification.

development Goals

The company adheres to economical development and clean development, with the goal of establishing a production method that saves resources and protects the environment, improves resource utilization efficiency, reduces waste generation and emissions, contributes to the promotion of national economic construction and social progress, and makes a positive contribution to building a harmonious society Strive to create a resource-saving and environment-friendly enterprise. The company takes environmental protection work as a key task, actively responds to environmental protection risks and challenges in production operations, strives to reduce the impact of production activities on the environment, creates a situation where all employees participate in environmental management and control, and realizes production management and environmental protection Coordinated development.