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Xinchang County Science and
Technology Innovation Conference


On May 31, 2018, the Xinchang County Science and Technology Innovation Conference and China County Innovation Development Forum were held in the banquet hall on the third floor of the Courtyard Xinchang. The conference was hosted by Science and Technology Daily, CPC Xinchang County Party Committee, and Xinchang County People's Government. Attendees include Mao Guanglie, director of Zhejiang Intelligent Manufacturing Expert Committee, Fang Hanting, vice president of Science and Technology Daily, Meng Xiaojun, deputy director of the Provincial Science and Technology Department, deputy secretary of the party group of the Municipal People's Congress, deputy director Yang Wenxiao, and other leaders and university professors and news More than 300 representatives from media and companies.

Advanced individuals and units were commended at the meeting, leaders in science and technology entrepreneurship (3 people), good teams in industry-university-research cooperation innovation (3), experts in industry-university-research cooperation innovation (3), outstanding talents in Xinchang County (10), Xinchang Xianzhong Caicai advanced units (10).

Our factory has won many awards. The team of Academician Zheng Yuguo of Zhejiang University of Technology has won a good team of industry-university-research cooperation; Dr. Xia Gang and Dr. Zhao Xiaobin have been outstanding talents in Xinchang County; Zhejiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Advanced units. Ma Wenxin, vice president of Zhejiang Pharmaceutical, took the stage to receive the award on behalf of the enterprise.

Five other industry-university-research cooperation projects were signed, and Wu Guofeng, the president of Zhejiang Medical Research Institute and the director of Zhejiang Medical Technology, signed a cooperation project with Professor Mao Wenwei of Shanghai Jiaotong University on the development of new drugs against gram-negative drug-resistant bacteria.

Obtaining the honor is an affirmation of the company's scientific and technological innovation capabilities, which fully demonstrates our factory's technological strength as a technology-leading company in the pharmaceutical industry, spurring us to reform in the field of science and technology, creating a science and technology innovation demonstration zone and an industrial technology innovation leading zone to further enhance Our company's scientific and technological innovation strength improves the economic efficiency of the enterprise.

(Successful awards ceremony for Xincai's advanced talents and advanced units, awards ceremony for outstanding talents in Xinchang County, and signing ceremony for Zhejiang Pharmaceutical and Shanghai Jiaotong University R & D projects)