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Xinchang Pharmaceutical Factory Successfully Held Zhejiang Province's Advanced Workshop on
"Innovative Drug R & D and Key Technologies of Chemical Drugs"


From September 28th to 30th, 2018, the advanced seminar of "Innovative Drug R & D and Research on Key Technologies of Chemical Drugs" undertaken by Zhejiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Xinchang Pharmaceutical Factory was successfully held in Xinchang Baiyun Villa. This high-level research course is a key project of the 2018 provincial professional and technical personnel advanced training course in our province. Academician Ouyang Pingkai from Nanjing University of Technology, Academician Zheng Yuguo from Zhejiang University of Technology, and professors from universities, etc. The teaching team teaches in the fields of new drug research and development, drug manufacturing, and formulation research. Shaoxing Human Resources and Social Security Bureau Deputy Director Chen Zhaohui, Xinchang County Human Resources and Social Security Bureau Deputy Director Zhang Hui and Zhejiang Pharmaceutical Executive Lü Chunlei, Ma Wenxin, Zhang Dingfeng, Ye Weidong, Secretary of Technology, and Wu Guofeng, technical directors and other leaders attended the opening ceremony and delivered speeches.

247 outstanding talents, including R & D technicians and managers engaged in the research and development of new drugs, synthetic drugs, and preparations from across the province, participated in this high-level seminar. This high-level research course focuses on the implementation of the "Zhejiang Eight Trillion Industries" and "Made in China 2025 Zhejiang Action Plan" to speed up the construction of technological innovation systems for pharmaceutical strategic emerging industries that are enterprise-based and enterprise-led.

The main contents include biosynthesis of diabetes treatment drugs, new technology and new progress in biomanufacturing, research on asymmetric synthesis of medicinal chiral alkaloids, discovery and optimization of leading molecules in the development of innovative drugs, green pharmaceutical technology, prevention and treatment of lung diseases Lung inhalation drug delivery system, research and development of innovative preparations and case analysis, micro powder coating technology progress and product development, pharmaceutical preparation technology research progress and new drug development, etc.

Through face-to-face lectures, seminar exchanges, field trips and other training methods, strengthen the combination of production, teaching, research, and research, strive to break through key common bottleneck technologies, and strive to build a modern pharmaceutical industry technology development system and innovation system, which is beneficial to the province, city, and county related medicines. Development of the industry. At the same time, our factory has gained recognition in the industry and has also increased its popularity.