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Every social person bears the corresponding responsibility, the role is different, and the size and scope of the responsibility are different. As an entrepreneur, his social responsibility is much more important than the average person. If you say, put your own business. Bringing a healthy and long-term development track, so that employees can live a rich and happy life as a 'small' responsibility, then create wealth for the country, adhere to the path of circular economy, and maintain the sustainable development of human society is ' Big 'responsibility. Any entrepreneur, whether state-owned or private, is also responsible for these two kinds of social responsibility."

Chairman:Li Chunbo

Chairman's introduction

A native of Xinchang County, Zhejiang Province, with a double bachelor's degree, a professor-level senior engineer, a senior accountant, and a member of the Communist Party of China, was elected as a representative of the county, city, and provincial people's congress. In 2008, he was elected as “Top 30 Entrepreneur Entrepreneurship in Innovation and Opening up” and “Top Ten People in Zhejiang Private Economy in 2007-2008”. In 2009, he was elected as “Zhejiang Model Worker” and was selected as “China”. 60 years of medicine in 60 years, and won the "Best Leader Award for Listed Companies" in China. In 2011, it was awarded the "Zhejiang Charity Award Individual Award" by Zhejiang Provincial People's Government and the

"Glorious Star" of Zhejiang Province. He was awarded the Golden Bull Listed Company Leadership Award, the National Environmental Protection Outstanding Entrepreneur, the Zhejiang Province 2012 Economic Person, and the Zhejiang Management Master. He was awarded the Outstanding Zhe Merchant Award in 2015. He is currently a member of the Pharmaceutical Engineering Committee of the Chinese Pharmaceutical Association, the executive director of the Chinese Pharmaceutical Association, the vice president of the Zhejiang Charity Federation, the vice president of the Zhejiang Enterprise Association, and the vice president of the Zhejiang Entrepreneurs Association.

Chairman's wonderful quotation

The 'longevity medicine' of an enterprise is innovation. If you don't innovate, you have to run after others forever, and you will die if you fail to catch up with the enterprise. However, innovation in the pharmaceutical industry is by no means easy, and it must be lonely, because sometimes it takes 10 or even 20 years to develop a new drug. Many companies have been developing new drugs for a long time and often give up when they are about to produce results. This is a pity.
Pharmaceutical companies are both traditional and high-tech industries. To achieve long-term development, a pharmaceutical company must have its own characteristics and transformation, including the transition from raw materials to preparations, from imitation to original, and from domestic to international Change, thereby improving the core competitiveness of the Chinese pharmaceutical industry in the international and domestic markets.
Waste is just a useful thing misplaced. In order to develop a circular economy, we must first solve a problem of ideas and concepts. All waste materials, waste water, intermediates, and by-products are resources. As long as you are willing to invest and solve technical problems, you can change to waste For treasure. It is necessary to use innovative ideas to develop new products, and also to use innovative ideas to develop circular economy.
As a pharmaceutical company, we must not only produce high-quality, high-tech pharmaceuticals, provide consumers with high-quality and healthy services, and contribute to the scientific and sustainable development of the industry through our own efforts. In environmentally friendly production, the company and the natural environment live in harmony.
Every penny of ours is earned through real labor, and the company's profits are 100% from the main business. The development plan of Zhejiang Medicine is based on the main business and then relatively extended. Therefore, in our plan, in addition to medicine, it is still medicine. If the company involves other unfamiliar industries, it is not transformation and upgrading, but speculation.
I do n’t have much experience in business, I just insist on it for 20 years. Perseverance and innovation.
Business is a tree, and talent is the root. When you have deep roots, the industry recognizes you, the market recognizes you, you are the standard, you have the pricing power, and wealth comes with it.
In industry, we must be able to withstand loneliness and resist temptation. At a certain time, quantitative changes will change into qualitative changes.
An enterprise without culture or an enterprise with low cultural level is a stupid enterprise. Such an enterprise cannot do technological innovation or technological progress, and will eventually be eliminated by society.
For the country, it is necessary to build a harmonious society; for enterprises, it is also necessary to create a harmonious enterprise, which should be fully reflected in both material and spiritual aspects. One-sided emphasis on one aspect is biased.